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GWAS data downloads

Genes & Health release summary statistics of GWAS, which are available to scientists to use.

Please respect our authorship and acknowledgments policy https://www.genesandhealth.org/research/scientific-publications-authorship-and-acknowledgments

GWAS are run using regenie, accounting for case-control imbalance and substantial within cohort relatedness.

Custom binary traits, 3 digit ICD10 binary traits (UK Biobank analysis compatible), and quantitative traits are available.

Traits with >100 cases for 174 custom phenotypes and 474 "First Occurrence of Health Outcomes Defined by 3-character ICD10 code" (compatible with UK Biobank definitions) are provided.

Description of phenotypes here https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1ipwdF2j_owfr_QbkDYk1rk0TW3KtdfQYVQn-Vf-o38s/edit#gid=1517436704

 Data are available in a google cloud platform storage bucket, please install gsutil or similar software to download.