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Research Consortium: Type 2 Diabetes and Obesity

Type 2 Diabetes and Obesity research consortium

Led by: Mark McCarthy, Sarah Finer. Other consortium members include Elena Bochukova, Jorge Ferrer, Graham Hitman, Claudia Langenberg, Anubha Mahajan.

This consortium is working on a range of type 2 diabetes and obesity related work within Genes & Health, bringing high quality science through collaboration. Studies include genotype-based recall, functional genomic studies focusing on type 2 diabetes phenotypes specific to Bangladeshi and Pakistani populations, population-based analysis of the relationship between autozygosity and longitudinal cardiometabolic traits. Future work is planned using polygenic risk scores and detailed phenotyping studies.

Interested researchers are welcome to explore collaborative opportunities with existing consortia members, or to approach the Genes & Health team direct.

See also approved study S00002.