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For scientists: using Genes & Health for scientific research

Data available

The cohort profile describes the data collected as part of Genes & Health and the structure of recall-by-genotype studies.

Wide access for a broad range of researchers is our long term aim. We encourage the best scientists in the UK and worldwide to apply to use the study for health research.

Several levels of data access are available:

1. Summary variant and genotype counts are publically available on this website.

2. Sequencing data is stored with the EBI-EGA long term databank (applications are managed by the Wellcome Sanger Institute Data Access Committee).

3. Requests for participant-level phenotype or genetic data (rather than summary statistics) or recall of participants requires formal application to Genes & Health. See below.


Application process

An overview of the application process and approximate costings can be found here. An application form can be found here.

We welcome applications from academic partners in Low & Middle Income Countries and students, and where required we will offer reduced costs.

Please contact Robin Lerner if you would like to work with Genes & Health.


Priority areas 

We welcome applications in all areas. Where necessary we will prioritise research studies in the following areas:

- research described in core awards funding Genes & Health

- research in three areas prioritised by our local communities: diabetes, cardiovascular disease, mental health

- recall-by-genotype studies

- other research that is i) exceptional science; and/or ii) will bring substantial resource to Genes & Health; and/or iii) of strategic importance for Genes & Health

- research that has been independently and expertly peer-reviewed to the highest standards (e.g. Wellcome, MRC, NIH)


Letters of support

We will consider writing Letters of Support for Fellowships, and other types of grant applications, that wish to use Genes & Health provided these include resource support for Genes & Health. We would also be willing to give provisional approval, but with a suspended start date (and no guarantee of starting), if required for ethics or governance purposes for a study. Please contact one of the study leads by email to discuss.

last updated 20th May 2020