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Scientific Publications: Authorship and Acknowledgments

We introduced an authorship and acknowledgments policy in Sept 2020 for research using Genes & Health. Latest update 21 Sept 2023:

Publications must:

  1. Include named co-authors making a major contribution, if appropriate. The Genes & Health Executive will provide advice.
  2. Include 'Genes & Health Research Team' as a consortium author, in most instances.
  3. Include an Acknowledgment/Funding Statement, always.


In more detail:

current Acknowledgment/Funding Statement:   Genes & Health is/has recently been core-funded by Wellcome (WT102627, WT210561), the Medical Research Council (UK) (M009017, MR/X009777/1, MR/X009920/1), Higher Education Funding Council for England Catalyst, Barts Charity (845/1796), Health Data Research UK (for London substantive site), and research delivery support from the NHS National Institute for Health Research Clinical Research Network (North Thames). Genes & Health is/has recently been funded by Alnylam Pharmaceuticals, Genomics PLC; and a Life Sciences Industry Consortium of Astra Zeneca PLC, Bristol-Myers Squibb Company, GlaxoSmithKline Research and Development Limited, Maze Therapeutics Inc, Merck Sharp & Dohme LLC, Novo Nordisk A/S, Pfizer Inc, Takeda Development Centre Americas Inc.

We thank Social Action for Health, Centre of The Cell, members of our Community Advisory Group, and staff who have recruited and collected data from volunteers. We thank the NIHR National Biosample Centre (UK Biocentre), the Social Genetic & Developmental Psychiatry Centre (King's College London), Wellcome Sanger Institute, and Broad Institute for sample processing, genotyping, sequencing and variant annotation.

We thank: Barts Health NHS Trust, NHS Clinical Commissioning Groups (City and Hackney, Waltham Forest, Tower Hamlets, Newham, Redbridge, Havering, Barking and Dagenham), East London NHS Foundation Trust, Bradford Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust, Public Health England (especially David Wyllie), Discovery Data Service/Endeavour Health Charitable Trust (especially David Stables), Voror Health Technologies Ltd (especially Sophie Don), NHS England (for what was NHS Digital) -  for GDPR-compliant data sharing backed by individual written informed consent.

Most of all we thank all of the volunteers participating in Genes & Health.


Current Genes & Health Research Team (in alphabetical order by surname):   Shaheen Akhtar, Mohammad Anwar, Elena Arciero, Omar Asgar, Samina Ashraf, Saeed Bidi, Gerome Breen, James Broster, Raymond Chung, David Collier, Charles J Curtis, Shabana Chaudhary, Megan Clinch, Grainne Colligan, Panos Deloukas, Ceri Durham, Faiza Durrani, Fabiola Eto, Sarah Finer, Joseph Gafton, Ana Angel, Chris Griffiths, Joanne Harvey, Teng Heng, Sam Hodgson, Qin Qin Huang, Matt Hurles, Karen A Hunt, Shapna Hussain, Kamrul Islam, Vivek Iyer, Benjamin M Jacobs, Ahsan Khan, Claudia Langenberg, Cath Lavery, Sang Hyuck Lee, Robin Lerner, Daniel MacArthur, Sidra Malik, Daniel Malawsky, Hilary Martin, Dan Mason, Rohini Mathur, Mohammed Bodrul Mazid, John McDermott, Caroline Morton, Bill Newman, Elizabeth Owor, Asma Qureshi, Samiha Rahman, Shwetha Ramachandrappa, Mehru Raza, Jessry Russell, Nishat Safa, Miriam Samuel, Michael Simpson, John Solly, Marie Spreckley. Daniel Stow, Michael Taylor, Richard C Trembath, Karen Tricker, Nasir Uddin, David A van Heel, Klaudia Walter, Caroline Winckley, Suzanne Wood, John Wright, Ishevanhu Zengeya, Julia Zöllner.


Team members making a substantial contribution, active for >6 months, and ex-team members leaving within ~1 year, are generally included.

Here is the full list of Scientific Publications from Genes & Health.