• Queen Mary University of London
  • Barts Health NHS
  • Bradford NHS
  • Manchester Uni

Genetics and cell shapes - Mechanism of disease in South Asian population

Microscopic study of specific tissues shows variation of cellular composition between individuals. It is possible that some of this variation may also be due to genetic factors; however, this has never been studied before at scale. This study is designed to investigate the link of genetic data with the variation of tissue structures and cellular composition in order to understand mechanism of disease in people of genetic variation. Recent studies have shown that people from south Asian origin are more prone to different diseases because of their genetic makeup, that’s why to focus on the tissue linked genetic study will help to understand mechanism of disease in this population. For this purpose, the stained tissues slides of pathology importance named as whole image slide (WSI) and genomic data of individuals will be collected from Gene and health resource. The (WSI) will be interpreted by machine learning software specially design to observe tissue variations. This data will be compared with genetic data of the individuals and will further analysed by different computational data analysis tools, which will result in bringing the co-relation between genetic variation and change in tissue structure/cellular composition. As a result of this study, we hope to develop deeper understanding of mechanism of disease in people from South Asian origin.