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  • Barts Health NHS
  • Bradford NHS
  • Manchester Uni

Executive Committee

The Genes & Health Executive meets monthly.

It's roles are:

  • overview of scientific direction.
  • review of new scientific applications to use the ELGH resource and access (including recall of volunteers).
  • review of recruitment of research volunteers.
  • governance.
  • funding.
  • community relations.

Executive Committee Membership (as of Nov23):

Prof. William Newman

Ceri Durham

Prof. Chris Griffiths

Prof. Claudia Langenburg

Prof. David van Heel

Dr. Hilary Martin

Jessry Russell

Prof. John Wright

Dr. Karen Hunt

Dr. Marie Spreckley

Dr. Megan Clinch

Prof. Richard Trembath

Prof. Rohini Mathur

Prof. Sarah Finer