• Queen Mary University of London
  • Barts Health NHS

Meet the team

Key collaborators and co-applicants:

Dr Daniel MacArthur
Group Leader | Analytic and Translational Genetics Unit, Massachusetts General Hospital
Assistant Professor | Harvard Medical School
Associate Director | Medical and Population Genetics, Broad Institute of Harvard and MIT

Dr Richard Durbin
Acting Head of Computational Genomics | Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute
Leader of the Genome Informatics group | Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute

Prof Richard Ashcroft
Professor of Bioethics | Queen Mary University of London

Prof Eamonn Maher
Professor of Medical Genetics and Genomic Medicine | University of Cambridge

Prof John Wright
Professor of Clinical Epidemiology | Bradford University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust
Director | Bradford Institute for Health Research

Ms Rachel Hughes
Chief Executive | Social Action for Health

Acknowledgments and a special thank you to:

Prof Denise Sheer
Professor of Human Genetics | Queen Mary University of London
for beautiful chromosome images