• Queen Mary University of London
  • Barts Health NHS
  • Bradford NHS
  • Manchester Uni

ELGH Executive

The East London Genes & Health Executive meets monthly.

Its roles are:

  • review of scientific direction.
  • review of new scientific applications to use the ELGH resource and access (including recall of volunteers).
  • review of recruitment of stage 1 volunteers.
  • funding.
  • community relations.

Current Membership (as at Feb 2018)

  • Joint Leads of ELGH (David van Heel, Richard Trembath), deputy Lead of ELGH (Sarah Finer)
  • Primary Care Lead (Chris Griffiths)
  • Francesca Gluibich, Director of Grants, Barts Charity
  • other attendees (non voting) are invited as necessary e.g. Centre of The Cell, QMUL Center for Public Engagement, QMUL Life Sciences Initiative, Social Action for Health.