• Queen Mary University of London
  • Barts Health NHS

Applying to use ELGH for scientific research

Currently (2018) ELGH is only working with selected external scientific investigators on two pilot studies (see above). Both studies have completed the ELGH application form and process, and been approved by the ELGH Board. We are currently piloting recall-by-genotype and longitudinal e-health record enabled studies.

We have funding applications submitted to expand access to external investigators. Wide access for a broad range of scientific research is our long term aim. However at present, we do not have adequate resource to support or manage additional studies.

We will consider writing Letters of Support for Fellowships, and other types of grant applications, that wish to use ELGH provided these include resource support. We would also be willing to give provisional approval, but with a suspended start date (and no guarantee of starting), if required for ethics or governance purposes for a study. Please contact one of the study joint leads by email to discuss.