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100,000th visitor to Blizard Institute's Centre of the Cell

22 April 2015

This month our science education facility in the heart of the Blizard Institute, Centre of the Cell celebrated its 100,000th visitor !

Centre of the Cell, which also celebrates its fifth anniversary this year, is a unique cell-shaped science centre suspended above a biomedical research laboratory at the Whitechapel campus. Centre of the Cell has five main aims: to inspire the next generation of scientists and healthcare professionals; stimulate dialogue, interest and excitement about biomedical research; raise aspirations, especially in the local community; widen participation in further and higher education; and help improve health and wellbeing, especially in east London.

East London Genes & Health has funded the Mummy for Melissa show, a new digital interactive, and increased genetics and genome educational materials in partnership with Centre of the Cell.

Since opening back in 2009, Centre of the Cell has transformed science outreach in the local area, with around 50 per cent of all school participants coming from a ten-mile radius of Whitechapel. 81 per cent of Tower Hamlets primary schools and 100 per cent of Tower Hamlets secondary schools have taken part in Centre of the Cell activities.